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About Me -The cast of characters 2008-06-22
9:59 p.m.


Thirty-something. Mother. Single by choice. Native American/white. Short. Slender-to-average build. Very long, reddish-brown hair. Green eyes. Responsible. Comical. Sympathetic. Honest. Singer. Two cats. One tattoo, more needed. Employed full time, but also cheating with a second job. Prone to moments of extreme stupidity. Scared of spiders, heights and commitment. Addicted to foreign films, thai food, teas and crunchy salty snacky things.


If you happen to come across some Bluejay, Cardinal or other colorful bird feathers please send me an email as I need them desperately! If you happen to be in South Americn I'd love to get some Condor feathers if possible (I don't know how hard they are to come by). You will have my undying gratitude and all feathers will be used in a respectful way. Hey.. I'ts an Indian thing! :-)


I need a new place to write. I don't so much mind that people I know may read what I muse over. What I do mind is when my family reads and then uses the information as ammunition.

That said, I'm starting again. Fresh grounds to bury demons, or perhaps just let them roam.

My previous diary is at mens-vereor. It started at a darker period and as time went on my life got a little brighter and I found that mens vereor (which loosely translates to "mind fear") no longer represented where I was or where I wanted to be. Although I made the template a less gloomy the name was still plaguing me... so now... I fling poo!

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.



I'm 37 and a single mom. I try to live my life with variety and substance. My friends span the spectrum of all those who walk this earth, my interests go from political figures who have impacted history to SpongeBob SquarePants, and my musical tastes are just as broad. I have a scewed sense of humor but still manage to make everyone laugh.

I suffer from depression and when it is under control I live a fairly normal life, but when things get out of whack almost anything could happen. Most people think I'm happy go lucky all the time but I'm not. Unless you truly suffer from depression you don't know the struggle it really is. For me, it is both a sickness and an addiction.


My son. He is my life. He makes me incredibly proud and I would be lost without him. He's a smart kid and a pre-teen teenager that is going to be a complete chick magnet sooner than I would like. He plays football, soccer, and PS2. He's a champion dancer and singer too! He totally kicks ass!!


A good friend of mine and my current room mate. We used to be lovers back when Brian was male, but now Brian is Gina, and Gina is a female. Fully transitioned. We get along pretty good although I hate her flair for dramatics. Honestly, not all women are catty and obsessed wtih shoes. LOL!


Well, she's my mom. She lives pretty far away but we keep in touch. I love her with all my heart but she can drive me crazy. She's schizophrenic, agoraphobic and lives in constant pain from osteo-arthritis and other chronic ailments, so often times I am her only link to the outside world. She takes meds which keep her lucid for the most part, but she has her moments. There are plans for her to move in with me in the next 6-12 months.. wish me luck!


Roberto is my best bud! We have much in common, like we're both broke most of the time and doing what we can to survive, and we spend countless hours on the phone. Sure, there are times I want to strangle him, but for the most part he's really cool. I've known him for about 19 years and have gotten to know his brothers and sisters in the last few years. They all rock!

My son simply calls him "Toe". Hahahaa!

The Dogz

"The Dogz" are the group that my son sings with most of the time. They are like my brothers (except my son, who is, well.. my son) and I love them and their families. My Ex is also one of the Dogz.

Dockers (now known as the Gary the Stalker)

My last beau of sorts. We were friends who shared a sexual relationship but I ended that and eventually ended the friendship. He continues to haunt me and if he doesn't stop soon I'll have to figure out what to do about him. If something bad happens to me... start looking for the Stalker.

I will add more people as they play into this diary.