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Thirty-something. Mother. Single by choice. Native American/white. Short. Slender-to-average build. Very long, reddish-brown hair. Green eyes. Responsible. Comical. Sympathetic. Honest. Singer. Two cats. One tattoo, more needed. Employed full time, but also cheating with a second job. Prone to moments of extreme stupidity. Scared of spiders, heights and commitment. Addicted to foreign films, thai food, teas and crunchy salty snacky things.


If you happen to come across some Bluejay, Cardinal or other colorful bird feathers please send me an email as I need them desperately! If you happen to be in South Americn I'd love to get some Condor feathers if possible (I don't know how hard they are to come by). You will have my undying gratitude and all feathers will be used in a respectful way. Hey.. I'ts an Indian thing! :-)


First, 100 things about me! You know ya wanna know!!

1. I'm a cool mom (even if my son thinks I'm a dork - he'll appreciate it someday!)
2. I detest dramatics and whining
3. My family is huge into the dramatics
4. I don't go visit them much
5. My entire family has mental issues
6. They say I am the most stable of all of us
7. I just hide it much better
8. I am full of secrets!
9. I am extremely compassionate
10. I'm a total bleeding heart
11. I give to charities, belong to Amnesty Intl, UFPJ, Genocide Prevention Network, all that stuff
12. I was once kissed on the cheek by a survivor of the Armenian genocide
13. It is a moment I will never forget as long as I live!
14. My father and I do not talk at all
15. He is a narrow-minded, backwoods, bigot
16. I can't believe we share the same genes!
17. My mother is one of my best friends
18. She has schizophrenia, but she takes meds
19. She's coming to live with me soon... help me god!
20. I was an only child until around 11
21. I have 3 half sisters who I don't know
22. They are products of my father and his new wife
23. His new wife looks (and sounds) like a man
24. But she obvioulsy has a vagina, hence the 3 kids
25. I only have one kid
26. He is da' Bomb!!!
27. His dad and I are not together anymore
28. But we are the best of friends
29. I even like his new girlfriend!
30. I like Vodka too
31. Sadly, sometimes it is also my best friend
32. Raspberry Vodka is a person, not a drink
33. He's my fuck buddy
34. I don't want a boyfriend
35. Just a guy to 'have fun' with
36. I'm terrified of commitment!
37. I once was beaten bloody by a man
38. I got arrested too because I had left marks on him!
39. For years after I left him he stalked me
40. He's in prison now for murder
41. I think he may have secretly been a crossdresser
42. But I digress
43. My first boyfriend was a black guy
44. We were together for 3 years
45. We never broke up but my mother moved me out of state to seperate us
46. 23 years later I have found him again
47. He's currently in prison
48. We write all the time and may reunite
49. My best guy friend from high school is dead
50. I just found out two months ago
51. I knew he was dead before I was told, I felt it
52. My best girl friend from high school is a Mormon
53. She is alive and well with a husband and 4 children
54. She does not live in Utah!
55. We still keep in touch
56. My family is Musc0gee
57. We are involved in our culture and traditions
58. I live my culture and traditions every day
59. I'm fairly private about it because there are too many posers out there
60. I hate wannabes and posers who "adopt" our culture and bastardize it
61. I used to dance and sing
62. Now I just hang out at the p0ww0ws and chill
63. There's nothing better than S0fky!
64. I make kick ass S0fky!!
65. Actually, I'm a really good cook
66. I'm not much of a baker though
67. I used to eat lots of junk food
68. After my son was born I gained LOTS of weight
69. Depression added to my lethargy and weight gain
70. I ended up getting gastric bypass surgery
71. I lost 110 pounds!
72. I feel great and love life again
73. I walk or jog almost daily now
74. My butt is saggy and so are my boobs
75. I would love to get surgery to fix those things
76. When I get extra money I will
77. For now, I'm happy being thinner and eating healthier
78. People say I look younger now
79. I think I look older
80. But I still act like I'm 14 years old
81. I'm a goofy kid trapped in a 39 year old (saggy) body
82. Guys still want to hook up with me though
83. It's flattering
84. But I ignore them
85. I've slept with too many men already
86. Murderers, transvestites, musicians, bikers...
87. Yeah, I have a colorful past
88. I have been to a swingers club
89. Didn't do any swinging though
90. I have never done drugs
91. Never even smoked pot
92. My head is messed up enough I don't need drugs
93. I was diagnosed as being dyslexic in kindergarten
94. My brain has learned to un-reverse letters and things are cool now
95. I was an honor roll student all during school
96. To this day, I still want to learn everything!
97. One year in high school I went only by my middle name
98. I had a bad attitude that year
99. Now I have a good attitude and good outlook on things
100. For the most part, I love my life

Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Some common goal setting tips:

    1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

    2. Stay Focused. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.

    3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.

    4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.

    5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

Calculating the End Date

You can easily find out when your project will end by using this handy tool at Time and Date.


    1. Clean up credit report

    2. Pay off car

    3. Get position �inside� at work

    4. Be able to quit 2nd job

    5. Have a �real� savings account

    6. Pay off $7,000 old credit bill

    7. Pay off sons braces

    8. Start saving for a house

    9. Put coins in wrappers and save

Things to do

    10. Get rid of old car

    11. Get myself braces

    12. Get thigh/butt lift

    13. Find a lover who fits my style

    14. Get hip new hairstyle

    15. Go on nice vacation with my son

    16. Move!

    17. Y@rina website redesign

    18. Redesign my own website

    19. space saved for after I move

    20. space saved for after I move

Things to learn

    21. Finish Spanish class and actually speak the language

    22. Powerpoint

    23. More songs and sing them

    24. Take class in digital photography

    25. How to circumvent my mothers excuses

    26. How to create an online store

    27. More about Tiananmen Square

    28. More about Che Guevara

    29. To use chopsticks

Home Sweet Home

    30. Find 3br apartment or house for rent

    31. Make new place warm and home-y

    32. Get mother set up in her own place

    33. Clear out storage unit

    34. Get rid of all �junk� and unused items

    35. Frame and hang family pictures

    36. Organize CDs/Movies

    37. Empty out truck with old items

    38. space saved

    39. space saved

    40. space saved

Things to buy

    41. New bedroom set

    42. New kitchen table/chairs

    43. Spanish/English dictionary

    45. Son�s regalia/roach

    46. New regalia for me

    47. New boots

    48. Tickets to cool show (maybe Stomp!)

    49. New scratching post for Checkers

    50. New living room set

    51. Good hairbrush

    52. A bicycle

    53. Recliner for mom

    54. space saved

    55. space saved

    56. space saved


    57. Go to powwow in Canada

    58. Travel with friends to Ecuador

    59. Visit Niagara Falls

    60. See one other National Wonder with son

    61. Go to powwow in Hollister

    62. space saved

    63. space saved


    64. Get a pedicure

    65. Start running once a week

    66. Do a good humanitarian deed

    67. Wash face every night before bed

    68. Get another tattoo

    69. Read A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present

    70. Read Blackwater: The rise of the worlds most powerful mercenary army.

    71. Read The Last Two Years of Allende

    72. Get a one hour massage

    73. saved

    74. saved


    75. Teach my son more of what I know about our traditions

    76. Read up on Buddhism

    77. Read more about Creek traditions/religion

    78. Talk with Agnes


    79. Renew Amnesty International membership

    80. Donate clothes to Goodwill (like always)

    81. Attend a support event/gathering

    82. Send at least one letter to Senator in support of someone in need

    83. saved

    84. saved


    85. Try to shop more organically

    86. Make kugel

    87. Find recipe and make pizzagain

    88. Add more fresh veggies to diet

    89. Try a new kind of food� Vietnamese?

    90. Find recipe for awesome lentil soup


    91. Continue to nourish friendship with my son (now a teen!)

    92. Maintain level head with mom once she moves in

    93. Be good aunt to new twin babies

    94. Don�t nag Roberto so much

    95. Start a house tradition of some sort

    96. Help my son more with his schoolwork

    97. Try to make more female friends

    98. Keep in touch more with friends through writing/email

    99. Don�t be so bitchy to the weird people at work

100. Spend one evening by myself, which will include a nice hot bath, an alcoholic beverage, music, candles, etc., before my mother moves in.

101. Start dancing again

From date: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Resulting date: Wednesday, January, 26, 2011