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Did you say 9??? 2009-02-18
10:13 p.m.


Thirty-something. Mother. Single by choice. Native American/white. Short. Slender-to-average build. Very long, reddish-brown hair. Green eyes. Responsible. Comical. Sympathetic. Honest. Singer. Two cats. One tattoo, more needed. Employed full time, but also cheating with a second job. Prone to moments of extreme stupidity. Scared of spiders, heights and commitment. Addicted to foreign films, thai food, teas and crunchy salty snacky things.


If you happen to come across some Bluejay, Cardinal or other colorful bird feathers please send me an email as I need them desperately! If you happen to be in South Americn I'd love to get some Condor feathers if possible (I don't know how hard they are to come by). You will have my undying gratitude and all feathers will be used in a respectful way. Hey.. I'ts an Indian thing! :-)


They have reconfigured out internet allowances at work and I can no longer get to Dland from there! As if I didn't have a hard enough time getting there while I had access, I now need to write up my entry and then send it home so I can upload it. Jeez!

That also means I can't read any of my fave diaries. :-( I'm so bummed.

Work at the Evil Empire has been okay. The group of people working there now are really cool and it can actually be quite fun sometimes. They've started giving me a bunch of hours so I'm not real happy about that, but I need the money right now so I won't complain. I'll just be dog ass tired!

I did get my federal tax refund the other day. WOOT! I'm like totally rich until Friday when I send 99% of it to the bank to pay on the car. After that I only owe something like $800. That will be awesome!! I told Roberto that before I finish paying it off I want him to take the car with him to Boston and get the hood fixed because someone scratched "Crip Killa" in the paint when he still had it. There's also a big star scratched on the hood and a few dents. You don't really notice it, but I'd rather he had his insurance take care of it before I get it and it starts to bubble the paint or rust.

Me + Crip Killa = Gangsta. Yeah right! *rolls eyes*

Sex talk.
Don't read if you get offended by such talk!! :-)

After I told Martin that if he got in trouble I'd cancel our pact and not wait for him (sexually speaking) and that meant I might sleep with another guy - he says to me on the phone that it was wrong of me to threaten him with that. He was joking and laughing when he said it, and later told me it was brilliant to use p*ssy as an incentive. See, I told you I knew how to manipulate him!!! Anyway he was saying how it was hard not to get in trouble in there and sometimes things just happened, but I said there was no excuse for it. I asked him if he would rather spend more time in there our come f*ck my brains out?!? There was silence on the line. Then he finally answered he'd rather the latter. In the next call, about 30 minutes later, he said he'd never had a woman say that to him and that it had turned him on. Score one for me!!!!

Martin and I have been talking alot on the topic of sex. We were telling each other our likes and dislikes and our fantasies and such. I was surprised to learn he likes oral sex. He likes going to the Y!! Score another one for me!! From my experience guys aren't usually into it that much or they try but have no clue what they are doing. There is nothing worse than being with someone who thinks they are doing great at something but they really aren't. It's tedious! But Martin says he loves it and is very good at what he does. That's how I am with oral sex too. I enjoy it and I'm damn good at it!!

We've continued our talk about sexual stuff because, while we were each other's first, we've grown up and had our experiences. So during his last letter he teased that he's got 9 inches to give me. NINE?!?! Okay, this freaked me out and I'm thinking there is no freaking way he is serious. Come on, we all knows guys exaggerate! Yes, we were together sexually, but like I said, he was my first and I wouldn't have known if he was that big or not, and we were young so he wasn't fully matured either. And while some women might be really excited about this information, I am not necessarily one of those women. If he is indeed anywhere near that big, I'm going to have to learn all new bj techniques!! Maybe I'll need to get my uterus removed too so that during sex there will be enough room!!! That man is gonna hurt me! Seriously though, he may be exaggerating some, but I have a feeling he's not exaggerating much. I better start stocking up on high quality lube!

Actually, I was with one other guy who was well endowed like that, and it wasn't that horrible. The only problem was that in some positions he would make me pee myself because he'd be smashing into my bladder!! He thought it was hilarious. I was not amused.

I finally did my business taxes. It wasn't that hard, I just didn't know what to fill out or what most of the forms meant. I am going to write a business dissollution letter soon and get rid of this tax ID number. It's a pain in the butt with the quarterly filing and the property assessment! If Roberto needs me to get another one maybe I will, but I doubt it will be worth the hassle.

Now I just need to do my personal state taxes. That money will also go toward paying off the car. I can't wait until that is finished with!!

Just finished my shift at the Evil Empire. The place was dead tonight and time dragged. Now for a cup of tea and then off too sleep...


Cat's meowing


Whriled peas