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Weekend at Martin's! 2009-05-07
11:39 p.m.


Thirty-something. Mother. Single by choice. Native American/white. Short. Slender-to-average build. Very long, reddish-brown hair. Green eyes. Responsible. Comical. Sympathetic. Honest. Singer. Two cats. One tattoo, more needed. Employed full time, but also cheating with a second job. Prone to moments of extreme stupidity. Scared of spiders, heights and commitment. Addicted to foreign films, thai food, teas and crunchy salty snacky things.


If you happen to come across some Bluejay, Cardinal or other colorful bird feathers please send me an email as I need them desperately! If you happen to be in South Americn I'd love to get some Condor feathers if possible (I don't know how hard they are to come by). You will have my undying gratitude and all feathers will be used in a respectful way. Hey.. I'ts an Indian thing! :-)


Long time no write! Yeah, all I do anymore is work and since they cut off access to DLand at my day job I never get to read or write here anymore. :-(

Anyway, just wanted to say quickly that tomorrow morning I'm getting on a plane and heading to Florida to see Martin. I need to see him in person. I need to talk to him and get answers to some questions and generally just make sure he is the person I think he is. I'm certan he is, but I'm making big life changes so I need to be sure.

I've been to prisons before, both state and federal, but I was always a guest of the prison. This will be my first time going as a visitor of an inmate. I'm nervous about doing the wrong thing or wearing the wrong clothes. I think I'm more nervous about those things than I am about seeing Martin again for the first time in 20 years... I'm excited to see him!

So, that is my update. Hopefully I will have a favorable report (and some time to write and post it!) when I return. :-)



Tired, excited, nervous...

Saturday morning!!!